Academic project

Group work


First year of masters, Second semester.

The project relates to the possible connection between green areas in Grenoble along with Flaubert district. A cycling path that represents an extention of Chronovelo original plans links the parks along with flaubert ditrict Our intervention aims at reshaping Flaubert to become a safe city that provides different activities for its community and activate their participation as well as re-incorporate the vacant areas and make them part of the comunity by adding activtities that would fit in their location. These vacant areas were not the result of spontenous and residual places, instead, were completely designed and envisioned in a moment, but through different situations began to lose their potential and end up being empty spaces. Our intervention was based on demolishing the minimum possible only when we found it necessary and put alot of focus on soft areas and connections. Understanding people’s needs was an important necessity in our work in order to give the city back to its inhabitants. Functions introduced in the project: residential, commercial, sports activities, public areas, agriculture, educational functions and park requalification.